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Rolex Milgauss

I believe everyone has felt the recent Rolex market, and the crazy market behavior is incomprehensible. Many people may first think of green glass to say where the story of Rolex’s hype began. This watch, released in 2007, was once the most expensive watch by Rolex. In the era when the Water Ghost and Daytona could still purchase at a discount, owning a green glass was undoubtedly the “most beautiful boy” in the crowd. But the good times did not last long, as if it shattered the myth overnight. The green glass also fell to the bottom from the crazy market price. However, Green Glass has recently been pushed back to a high level while taking advantage of this wave of popularity. Although it is unknown whether there is an accurate transaction volume, it can not help but feel its “ups and downs” experience. Today, look at what the green glass, known as the “veteran of roasted seeds and nuts,” has experienced.

The official name of the series to which green glass belongs is “Milgauss,” which, as the name suggests, focuses on excellent anti-magnetic properties. It can trace back to this series of history, the 1950s. With the development of the times, people are more likely to come into contact with magnetic fields in daily life, so it has also spawned the demand for professional anti-magnetic watches?. After half a century of development and evolution, the well-known modern magnetic “green glass” Ref.116400gv was unveiled at the Baselworld 2007.

The biggest highlight of this watch is the use of a unique green mirror, which is not only the only one of many Rolex products but also unique when looking at the entire bezel, instantly making it fully recognizable.

To become roasted seeds and nuts, it must have scarcity. In those days, there were rumors that it was complicated to process and manufacture unique “green glass” mirrors, so the output of the models was low, and production would be discontinued quickly. It is precise because of the so-called “scarcity” that green glass has the capital to soar in price. However, it turned out that not only did the green glass not stop production but it has been sold since 2007, which can be regarded as the super-long “lifetime” style in the Rolex family.

The Oyster Perpetual magnetic type is matched with a mellow black dial and luminous hour markers. The green crystal mirror reduces light reflection and keeps the display time clear. The green crystal mirror is a unique watch mirror developed by Rolex, which is not only scratch-resistant, non-fading, and only used for magnetic-type watches. The Magnetic GV features a black dial with white hour markers and orange luminous hour markers at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. The green crystal mirror has a lime tint to reduce light reflection and clear the display. It is another first for Rolex. The grid-shaped simple lines and the orange lightning-shaped second hand are easy to identify.

So how to identify a Rolex Milgauss replica watch when buying it?

Rolex Milgauss Clone: ​​The most obvious way to identify a fake is to look at the case. Counterfeit watches will not have the same glossy finish as the genuine ones, and there are no ceramic or titanium rings around the dial. The replica box will be made of thin cardboard with poor-quality prints and will lose any markings of an authentic watch. Another way is to look for subtle signs that a genuine watch is fake. The watch strap may be long enough to go around your wrist without cutting the loop – authentic watches may have slightly different clasps.

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Rolex Milgauss Replica 116400 Silver Strap 40MM

Rolex Milgauss Replica 116400 GV Silver Strap 40MM

Rolex Milgauss Replica 116400GV Silver Strap 40MM

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