“Fresh and Refined” Guide to reproduction watches

When I was young, I always liked to wear black, white, and gray to pretend to be mature, but with age, I gradually began to enjoy some bright colors, red, green, blue, and purple. I want to turn my closet into a rainbow. Color to see more and some aesthetic fatigue, but want to be manageable, will like some fresh, elegant, and not too gorgeous color, it seems that can also let the whole person calm down. This article recommends three different “blue” reproduction watches. If I can only use one word to describe it, it is “fresh and refined.”

Rolex Air King replica Blue dial domed circle Steel Men’s Watch 14000 34MM

Watch Review:

As Rolex Air-King series has been with a simple design and the preference of concise wind watch friends prefer. Today I recommend these three Rolex watches with stainless steel cases, 34 mm diameter. As a formal watch, this size design is perfect. Watch blue disc using a silver pointer, classic color, and simple structure; wear will have a different feeling so that this watch looks fresh, intelligent, and soft. It also has an attractive dial design and a top-of-the-line Swiss movement inside, providing 70 hours of power reserve.

Rolex Oyster Permanent copy Blue dial Men’s automatic watch 114300-0003 39MM

Watch Review:

The Oyster type constant Motion reproduction watch features a stainless steel case and a 39mm fine steel watch. The new blue dial with a silver watch chain is full of charm. As the most legendary watch leader, the Oyster Constant Motion is the most recognizable watch. Over time, it came to be regarded as representative of the contemporary look. Oyster is a product of Rolex watchmaking technology. The watch’s aesthetics have improved over the years, but its unique features have been well preserved.

When it comes to this series, in addition to the oyster watch’s two words, there are two words, so we have to say that the Oyster watch for the continuation of the movement, the Rolex watch’s founding promise is indispensable.

These active winding action plans produce Rolex fit features on the base, all of which undergo the rigorously certified Swiss Tight time meter Try Intermediate (COSC) to ensure outstanding function and satisfy strict scale accuracy, reliability, shock resistance and bending compliance, and easy protection.

Rolex Sky Resident replica 326934002 Platinum watch band 42MM

Watch Review:

The Rolex Sky-dweller series replay has a 42mm platinum dweller case with a top-of-the-line Swiss movement. Both in the direction and the design, it is perfect. The crown has a twin-lock waterproof system, ensuring excellent waterproof performance and showing the Rolex brand’s rock-solid reliability. The deep midnight blue of the dial presents a gradient effect that stands out from the rest of the daily routine. Legible and easy to read, it is a significant feature of the Congressman Universal Time watch. In terms of color scheme, all the numbers, letters, and function displays on the dial are white, contrasting sharply with the blue dial. In the layout, the local time is represented by the central hand, while the home time is displayed on the small dial at 12 o ‘clock. Showing the time in two time zones simultaneously saves the wearer the trouble of calculating the time difference. In addition, the small circular window at 12 o ‘clock shows the day and night conditions of the hometown, and the curved window shows the power storage.

The Sky-Dweller watch enjoyed a sunray print dial covered with long-term blue light material, showing excellent gradual blue viewing. The hollowed-out pointer and the time mark of the clock are covered with an easy-to-read Chromalight noctilucent display, even in a dark environment, which can also clearly present the time at the moment, which is very convenient.

Summary: Although the three copies of the watch are blue disks, there are some differences, Air-King’s bright youth; oyster-like motion make it look professional and cute; dweller’s blue dweller dial with high texture gives people a sense of calm while blowing by the lake. Which one did you prefer?

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